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History and Present Days

The history of CTL goes back to the creation of Czechoslovakia after the separation of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Shortly after, in July 1923 a Chemical and Technical Testing Laboratory was established. This laboratory carried out tests of merchandise for the purpose of Customs and Financial Administration. During the German Protectorate after 1940 the laboratory remained in full activity under the administration of the ”Third Empire”. After 1945 its previous position was re-established and its name was changed to the ”Chemical and Technical Institute of Financial Administration in Prague”. In 1956 the laboratory was closed.

A new customs laboratory appears shortly after 1989. At first only a small custom laboratory staffed with the small group of experts and equiped with only basic analytical equipment was established. These specialists were determined to create a powerful tool for control of goods for customs and excise purposes. This institution - properly working and efficient customs laboratory is indispensable for developed countries all over the world. The laboratory was constructed according to models of several neighbouring countries. At present the Customs Technical Laboratory is composed of more than 50 specialists and technicians and is equipped with plenty of the basic and special physical and analytical instruments.

In 1997 the CTL started their way to Europe having achieved the accreditation of several important testing methods according to the international standard EN 45001 (now EN ISO/IEC 17025). The process of accreditation was initialised in order to satisfy increasing demands of the customs administrative, financial offices and other customers and to gain the recognition of results on the international level. Further efforts were taken to built an advanced quality system according to the requirements of ISO 9001. In 1999 CTL received the certificate of ISO 9001.

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