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Optical Microscopy and Image Analysis

The system of image analysis was put into operation into CTL in the beginning of 1997. The equipment consists of three parts: optical microscope, macro observation system and the PC with software of image analysis. Optical microscope with the automatic photomicrography system enables specimen observations of reflected and transmitted light with magnifications up to 1000x. Another accessories permit special observation techniques - darkfield, polarised light, Nomarski DIC both of reflected and transmitted light and epi-fluorescence. Macro system composed of repro stand with illumination, on which the colour video camera or black and white camera with macro video zoom objectives can be fixed. This device allows acquiring documentary shots or images with wide range of magnifications. Images acquired via microscope or macro system can be archived, enhanced, interactive or automatic measured and further mathematically processed.

Optical microscope together with image analysis is utilised in analyses of paper products for determination of the fibre content or investigation of the presence of inorganic coating, for recognising of glazed and unglazed tiles at ceramics materials or identification of wood species on basis of the structural features of cells. Samples of tobacco are examined for size and fiber (particle) distribution. Other applications of this technique are recognising of different kinds of fibres, starches, measurement of thin layers etc. The macro system is applied for a documentation of samples, investigation of heterogeneous mixtures, for measurements of particle size in granulated or powdered materials, recognising of fibre and particleboards of wood etc. The application range of system is wide and it is still extended in dependence on discovering problems during analyses of new samples (e.g. fiscal tapes, toll stickers, customs seals).
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