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Sensory tests

"Omnia mea mecum porto! (All of mine I’m carrying with me!)"

Well, this sentence used by ancient philosophers is essence of sensory tests providing. All you need is your ability to smell, taste and see the sample in defined, repeatable and non-disturbing conditions. And knowledge, experience and training, as well. It’s a cheap and quick way of analysis with history as old as mankind is. For example, sensory test can detect a spoiling of meat or fish, a wrong way of fermentation or oxidative processes sooner then other analytical methods using expensive analytical instruments.

Sure, sensory tests are not usable everywhere, but in many cases have an exclusive and non-replaceable place in final analytical report. In CTL sensory tests are a regular part of Test Reports of food, beverage, tobacco analyses.
This page was published on: 7/14/2010 10:25 AM