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Customs Technical Laboratory

The customs technical laboratories have an indispensable role in the organizational structure of the customs administration. Their activities have become an essential element in a great many customs areas, particularly in relation to the proper tariff classification of goods. Their employees are highly specialized professionals in the area of laboratory analysis of goods. The individual regional laboratories in Ústí nad Labem, Hradec Králové, Olomouc and Ostrava are equipped both for ordinary routine analysis and also for special analyses that are characteristic for the particular region. In this respect, the laboratories cooperate actively with local research institutes, which fundamentally extend their areas of specialization. The regional laboratories are capable of independently analysing approx. 80 % of all the samples they receive. Analyses for which the regional laboratories are not equipped are carried out by the Customs Technical Laboratory in Prague, where all analyses related to appeal procedures are also performed. The quality and professional level of the work of the customs laboratories have been confirmed by a number of accreditations and certifications obtained according to national, EU and general international standards. New accreditations are added according to the needs and development of the competence of the customs authorities. The Customs Technical Laboratory also includes two specialized work facilities:
The gemmological facility that deals, among other things, with the trade in diamonds (Kimberley process). The Customs Criminal Division of the Laboratory dealing with the analysis of tobacco products and drugs, verification of authenticity of documents and tax/duty stamps, etc.
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