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The system of professional education in the customs administration is based on the principle of life-long education and is intended for all categories of employees. The objective of this system is to create qualification preconditions necessary for the performance of all the specialized activities undertaken by the customs authorities. The need for these special qualifications also determines the forms of education, consisting of preparation, qualification and educational programs. The major emphasis is on providing the relevant level of customs professional education which creates the basis for the career progress of each individual customs officer. The content of the teaching is oriented, according to the type of preparation, towards customs agendas, tax agendas, customs policy and tariffs, mobile supervision, investigation, control, and administrative activities. In addition to theoretical preparation, emphasis is also placed on the ability to apply the knowledge obtained in practical performance of working activities or service acts. The individual forms of professional education are provided primarily in our own educational facilities, which are equipped with the necessary didactic equipment, teaching tools and specialized classrooms. Thanks to the development of information technologies, the e-learning method is also being used more frequently.
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