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Mobile Groups

The mobile supervision groups are operational units performing the direct control activities of the customs service. Their main task consists of carrying out controls and inspections in the field of goods that are subject to customs supervision or to excise duties and of the performance of most other competences. Significant attention is paid to the transport of dual use goods within the EU. The mobile supervision groups also control cargo space and cabins of vehicles on roadways, including the inspection of personal documents and documents related to the transported goods, and documents proving compliance with the specified route or time of the relevant transport. Mobile groups control compliance with the obligation to pay the required road-toll for the use of certain sections of highways and motorways. An important competence of the mobile supervision patrols is the weighing and measuring of trailer truck units. They also carry out tasks in the area of detection of goods violating certain intellectual property rights. The mobile groups have special technical equipment for detecting covert hiding places used for illegal smuggling of goods and drugs. The large capacity mobile x-ray is a big help to the customs officers while controlling vehicles on the roads.
The Czech Customs Administration is also using service dogs trained to search for drugs, tobacco
and tobacco products, endangered species covered by CITES, weapons and ammunition. The training
of service dogs and dog-handlers takes place at the Regional Canine Training Centre of the Czech Customs Administration in Hermanice. In 2005 this Canine Training Centre obtained WCO status and it provides training for dogs, dog-handlers and instructors from customs administrations around the world.
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