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Import, export and transit of weapons, ammunition and explosives

Travellers are not allowed to import, export or transit explosive as goods of non-commercial nature.

It is allowed temporarily to import, export or carry on the territory of the Czech Republic or transit across the territory of the Czech Republic weapons of the Categories A, B or C or ammunition for such weapons solely subject to a licence. The licence is issued in the form of a firearms accompanying certificate. A firearms accompanying certificate good for transit of weapons or ammunition may be issued upon request from natural persons and legal entities by embassies of the Czech Republic. In respect of natural persons and legal entities visiting the Czech Republic for the purpose of hunting or participation in marksmanship contests that hold an European gun licence, also by the police units at frontier crossings.

A firearms accompanying certificate needs not be submitted in respect of weapons of the Categories B and C and ammunition for such weapons, if their holders come from a Member State of the EU, and if they are holders of an European gun licence issued in respect of such transferred weapon and if they can declare the purpose of their travels.

Travellers from a third country who travel to a Member State of the EU, during controls at the external frontier of the EU, must submit a licence issued by the appropriate authorities of each relevant Member State to whose territory or across whose territory they intend to travel carrying such weapon or ammunition.

This page was published on: 11/8/2010 10:52 AM
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