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Information Systems and Technical Equipment

Information systems assist the customs administration in carrying out tasks in the whole sphere of its competence. The prolonged effort of the management to provide good quality and modern computer technology for performance of customs services pursues primarily simplification of customs proceedings and provision of customs services to the commercial public with the greatest speed, quality and availability. The development of information systems was a basic precondition for the accession of the CR to the EU. Great efforts were exerted particularly in relation to unification of procedures in the area of customs proceedings and to communication with the EU systems. The development of risk analysis systems, data composition systems and new portal systems were similarly important. Following the accession it was necessary to provide the technical conditions for performance of the new competences of the customs administration, and especially to equip the mobile groups. Their equipment was extended to include mobile scales to control axle loads and the total weights of trucks and aids for control of tachometer recordings.  They are also equipped with mobile radiometers and radiation pagers to carry out tasks connected with the national radiation monitoring network system.  The customs administration has a suitable vehicle fleet with many kinds of service vehicles and several mobile x-rays used to detect hidden contents of consignments. All the technology and its regular modernization guarantee a high quality of protection of both the trade and citizens.
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