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Shield Europe Partnership

The Shield Europe Partnership is an outreach initiative designed by the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Investigations to protect European and other Western goods and technologies of a strategic nature that could potentially be misused by foreign powers for military purposes.

All companies and academic institutions that are involved in the research, development, production, or sale of sensitive technologies are potential targets for misuse. The Shield Europe project can help protect these entities by establishing and enforcing export control policies.

Project​​ aim

  • Partnership, cooperation and assistance to the business community and academia in preventing the illicit acquisition of goods, technology and information subject to export controls
  • Increase public awareness of export controls and applicable European legislation on sanctions
  • Supporting the business community and academia in recognizing, detecting and addressing attempts to illegally acquire military products and controlled commodities, technology and dual-use items

What we​​​ offer

  • Professional assistance to the business community and academia on the application of the regulations on trade in dual-use goods and military material
  • Professional assistance in the case of suspected attempts to illegally acquire the above-mentioned sensitive commodities of strategic importance

Your contact details in case of need: ShieldEurope@cs.mfcr

How you ca​​​n help

Only with partnership, assistance and diligence of private industry and the academic community we can succeed in preventing procurement of export-controlled commodities, technology and information by hostile nations, foreign adversaries, terrorist networks and transnational criminal organizations. hostile countries, our adversaries, terrorist networks and transnational criminal organisations.

There are several ways for EU based companies and academic institutions to assist in preventing export-controlled commodities, technologies, and information from reaching unauthorised destinations and end-users.

Report all suspicious export inquiries to the Czech Customs Administration at



  • Specially trained customs officers will conduct outreach and provide information materials to the business community and academic institutions across the regions of the Czech Republic
  • Mutual exchange of information on changes in national and European regulation and developments in the trading environment
  • Sharing the project to other Member States of the EU

Structure of the customs ad​ministration's activities​


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