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New legislation changes

There is the new effective legislation regarding Intrastat since July 29th 2016 namely the new customs law and government regulations to implement certain provisions of the Customs Act in statistics.
Under the new legislation effective from July 29, 2016 the following changes:

  • Changes in data reporting are reflected from the coming into force of the new Customs Act and government regulations (1.8.2016) except for changes relating to the conversion of foreign currency. Until July 2016 you have to use the currency exchange rates for customs purposes for foreign currency conversions for your Intrastat data (it means you use the old legislation) and for the reporting of data for the reference periods from August 2016 and the following periods you have to use the currency exchange rates you are using for VAT (tax returns). This currency exchange rate you use for VAT returns is used both for conversion of values for determining the exceeding of the threshold for reporting and for the conversion of values when reporting data to Intrastat.
  • Corrections of reported data - if the data item is inaccurate, erroneous or missing or data item is reported although it should not be reported and the data item is not the net mass, quantity or invoice value of the goods you does not have to correct the data item if the value of the goods to which the data relates does not exceed 10 000 CZK. Thus there is an increase from the previous value of 1 000 CZK to 10 000 CZK. 
  • In connection with the coming into force of the new government regulation our applications does not provide currency exchange rates for conversion of invoice value currencies from August 2016 reference period and the following periods. The previous exchange rates are available.
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